Plastic fish bones


Name: Shaped curled edge lining fish bone
Style: Japan and South Korea
Product number: yc-2
Main raw materials: Korean imported yarn
Scope of application: pants, home furnishings, clothing, windbreaker, outerwear, clothing, home textiles
Packaging: 50 yards per roll
Price: For reference only, please contact customer service for the latest price

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This product is suitable for edge rolling and edge pulling processes of chiffon and silk fabrics, also known as edge rolling lining. This product is produced in South Korea and imported from China. It has excellent quality and high hardness, and can be rolled around 200 times per size. The usage of this product is to cut open the middle, then tear off two vertical cotton yarns, and then support the bottom hem of the shirt that needs to be rolled. It can be rolled into shape in one go without the need to turn the fabric over before turning it over. The bottom hem of the product is beautiful and generous, especially suitable for soft surface chiffon and silk fabrics. Adhesive lining is usually used for the inner placket of clothing, collarless neckline areas, cuffs, bottom edges, and other parts, as well as toys and handicrafts, to play a role in local shape reinforcement and reinforcement!
Packaging: 50 yards/roll, 50 rolls per box
Durable and resistant to pilling and fuzzing



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